Bullied by life

by theguy

dear life, why do you hate me? why do you embarass me? why don’t you stay in your corner, quietly appreciating my presence here on earth? why do you try being my friend all the time, even if it’s clear and obvious that you can’t make it happen? you know what I want. I want to be happy, pleased and satisfied with you, life. But you won’t let me. you just try being my friend, without doing anything for me. when I’m sad, you are next to me, watching, doing nothing to make the situation better. we all know you’re nothing more than nasty and deceitful. you are just bad. nothing more than bad. how many times was I thinking: „hey, life, why do I live?“, but nobody answered. nobody knew. yes, we can believe what the reason might be, but we’ll never really know. maybe when we have died. but than it’s too late. we can’t change it anymore. so why don’t you or your buddies tell me now; what the reason for being here is? what I shall do with the chance you gave me. what I shall do instead of sitting in my room, lonely and being sad. thinking into myself, about me, about life, about this world. but about nothing important really. it is important to be pleased with you, life, and having fun with you. but you don’t make it possible. you just let me hangin‘ down, being sad. is that what you wan’t? do you just want to bully me, till I die? maybe till I kill myself? yes, I thought about dying sometimes. maybe even quite often. but I never did it. there was something holding me back. was it fear, was it shame? we don’t know. somebody who is killing himself is amazing. he does something he knows nothing about, hoping to reach something better. but nobody knows if he reached his goal. nobody knows if there even is something better, than you, life. life, why are you here? is there an alternative? no? then why don’t you simply fuck yourself in your knee and give my life some direction. that can’t be that hard. i am sure you COULD do it. but you don’t. fuck you.

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