Time (Translation)

by theguy

[Note: This is my translation of the article „Zeit“ posted earlier on vizzare.com]

Shit the time is passing so fast. I’ve just been at a relatives home, no fuck that was already 5 days ago.. Why does life always have to be a straight forward directed cycle drawing to a close more and more with every day, even if we’ve still got many days ahead of us.. I want to use the time and I want to have time, time that I can use – But it’s passing so fast! I hardly finished doing something productive and the time as well as the day are over again – That’s just not possible.. And why do we have to go to sleep in the evenings? It’s just waste of time! 6 hours of time you can’t use in the night! Completely useless! And even if you do something with this time we anger because suddently it’s being over again.. I don’t want that! I want to live my life and enjoy a good time! I don’t want to watch the time running expiring in front of my eyes! I will never be that young again! Why can’t you just stay 16, 17, 18, 19? Why!? Shit! Even the nice moments in life are made misereable by this stupid thing called ‚time‘! You just get along doing something beautiful and shortly after it’s over again! You meet a good friend who you hardly see over the year and you are happy and you do something great with time in this evening and suddenly you’re on you’re way home again! Even a month after you don’t realize that already 4 weeks passed since then. You can’t last and survive like that. It’s shit! Simply shit! Why can these higher powers do that much and still don’t do anything!? It may be true that they’ve got some task for everybody of us and they want you to stay on the course but that’s not what I want, I want to have my time for me and I want to have fun in this time and I don’t want this time to be over that quickly! If you could buy time I would probably invest my whole money into time.. but unfortunately you can’t buy time! Why are there refridgerators with internet access for sale in the stores but no time!? TIME! That’s what I need. Fuck this shit I’m that young but still so old.. The glass is half way empty or half way full.. I planned so much stuff for my life but soon it will be over again.. It will simply be over! For ever! When you do something wrong once it will be done wrong forever. If you screw something up it will be screwed up forever! No changes possible! What happened: happened! Why? Nobody can explain it! Maybe it’s better for us not to know it. It would possibly just make us crazier than we are already. Shit, simply shit :/

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